Innovation  |  Strategy  |  Delivery  |  Resilience

My professional career has included start-ups to multinational corporations, from manufacturers to quasi-government organizations.  I have worked in a diverse set of industries including strategy consulting, information technology, financial services, consumer products and advertising. My roles have spanned the contributor and managerial spectrums from engineer to salesman to CEO, from Audit Committee Chair, to Chairman of the Board.

Today, I advise companies, CEOs, executives, and boards on strategy, innovation and execution through directorships, consulting projects and speaking engagements.

Purpose  | Impact  | Integrity

About 50% of my time is spent on non-profit activities. I am committed to:

  • the power of educating girls as a lever for prosperity and social change
  • equal rights for all
  • our deep responsibility to be responsible stewards of our planet

This site is an eclectic mix of social commentary, business strategy, innovation and technology leadership